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My calling came on an old country road in Idaho. Five years later, I found myself in rural Wisconsin cradling my newborn daughter in a Holiday Inn Express waiting for ICPC to go through. Trust me when I tell you-the space between those two places was harrowing and joyful beyond belief. Joel and I traveled a lot of territory before we held our daughter in our arms.

Maybe you too, have felt the Lord working in your life. If you are feeling called to adopt, it is a life-changer! There is no declining this invite from God. A calling will persist. It is powerful as all powerful. You have been called to adopt one of His.

But how?

For many, one of the first hurdles they attempt to tackle is how to pay for adoption. I know, especially for my hubby, this was a huge roadblock. Shelves upon shelves of books have been written to answer the question of ‘how to adopt’, including how to fund an adoption. But one thing is for certain, to fulfill this calling you have to cross the finish line of adoption. At the end of this crazy path you will hold your child, and reflect on the twists and turns, detours and uphill treks, downhill thrills and breath-taking vistas you encountered. The stress of the journey can take its toll on your mental health and a marriage. In your quest to move forward, to launch down this path of adoption-you MUST take care of yourself and nurture your marriage along the way. God loves you, values your marriage. He is invested in your well-being and happiness.

Hanging in there long enough...

When I was first in “adoption-mode” I would have read this and it would have sounded like “blah-blah-blah.” I wanted facts. I wanted tangible steps. I wanted the golden path that would lead me to my child-His child. What I didn’t have was the perspective to see that the road would be much longer and harder than I imagined. I thought because the Lord called us to adoption, the He would use His holy hands and deliver my child to the door (or something like that).

I fully believe that if you WANT to adopt you WILL adopt. Adoption is certain. You just have to hang in there long enough. If I could package one word in papyrus, tie a gorgeous bow around it and gift it to all hopeful adoptive parents-it would be “endurance.” You need some serious endurance to make it through this adoption adventure. While I cannot gift words, lately I have felt the Lord nudging me to gift endurance in another way.

See, three years ago I went to bed after singing “Baby Beluga” and reading a book to our adopted beauty, Annika. That night I had a dream that woke me and catapulted me into writing a book. At 3:00am I shuffled into the back room in our house, opened my computer and started writing. Tandem: A Devotional for Adopting with God in the Lead was released two years later.  It hit three Best Seller lists on Amazon and has been connecting in the lives of Christian sisters (and brothers) ever since. I have received letters from readers that have touched the very core of my being. Our tears have merged through the pages of Tandem.

I am an indie author, which really just means I was crazy enough to publish and market Tandem on my own. Because once you’ve adopted-it gives you the confidence to do anything, even write and publish a book. Starting my own publishing company also made me “Queen” of the Royalties, which includes the flexibility to gift those earnings for the glory of his Kingdom.

A Gift to You....

And so the best gift I can give back is that gift of endurance. This month I began my Day of Royalties Adoption Ministry. It is what it says-I am giving away the royalties from Tandem to hopeful adoptive parents. I have put aside two days each month, on which hopeful adoptive couples will receive all royalties from Tandem. It is a little downhill stretch to help those who feel called to adopt cross the finish line.

Here is where my funding diverges from the norm. I encourage you to use this money on yourself. Go out to dinner with your spouse-talk about anything BUT adoption. Get a pedicure. Take care of yourself for a moment-so that you have the energy and motivation to make it to the end of this amazing (and many times-stressful) journey.

There is no application. No scrutiny-you’ve been through enough already. All I ask is that you have a home study and are reading Tandem. You can sign up for A Day of Royalties at

So-the priority is endurance. Now, for the facts and figures on adoption funding (you know-those tangibles that you are seeking). These are two links that I find unbiased and helpful:

How much does it cost? The different routes you can take.

How do we fund this adoption? How most couples pay for it.

What have you been called to do?

Adopt one of His.

How are you going to fulfill this calling?

By having the endurance to make it through the adoption process, by nurturing yourself and your marriage.

Scripture for the Road

2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

-Alison England, LMSW     Author of Best-Selling Book in Adoption-Tandem: A Devotional for Adopting with God in the Lead

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