Adoption Faith-if only

This picture popped up on my Facebook feed today. My first day holding my baby girl! What a life-impact moment!  All the worry and fear drained away as I melted in her gaze.

Adoption Faith-If Only…

If only I had this picture hanging on my refrigerator 10 years ago-when I initially felt called to adopt . 

If only I had this picture tucked in my wallet 8 years ago-when I was worrying about how we would finance our adoption.

If only I had this picture taped to my bathroom mirror 7 years ago as I put on my makeup and found a new wrinkle greeting me…shouting at me You're Getting Older!

If only I had this picture clipped to the top of my adoption binder 6 years ago-when I was buried in mountains of home study paperwork.

If only I had this picture….

At the Heart of Adoption...

The Lord is planning for you, working in your life (and the life of your child) right now! Move forward.  He delights in your commitment to trust him!

One of the cornerstones of adoption is this:

You have to be willing to go by faith and commit to completing the journey, even when you cannot see the destination.

Scripture for the Road...

Hebrews 11:8

By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going. 

-Alison England, LMSW     Author of Best-Selling Book in Adoption-Tandem: A Devotional for Adopting with God in the Lead

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